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Free The Freela is the first-ever talent marketplace to directly pay time off, and leaves to professionals on our network. Highly motivated talents, no extra costs.

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We help you find, interview, hire, pay and retain remote talents quickly. Free The Freela handles pre-vetting, payroll, talent benefit and compliance.

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Working with the Free the Freela team has been an awesome experience. They were open to our specific requirements from the get-go and are always open to feedback on how to bring you better candidates, faster. Highly recommend working with them.
Co-founder Bags
Ignacio Semerene
Co-founder Bags
The seasonality of our market requires us to work with temporary contracts, in this context Free The Freela is the ideal partner to help us expand our team with quality, while making sure that the terms of the contracts are good for both parties.
Mariana Gonzaga
Free The Freela has been great at listening to our requests and coming back quickly with a strong list of relevant candidates. All the candidate interviews have been booked seamlessly, negotiations have been handled effectively and fast by their team.
Chief of Staff Bizbaz
Paul Redbourn
Chief of Staff Bizbaz
Free The Freela is an amazing solution to get quality talent in Latin America. They helped us with 8 hires in the past two months, and the process was seamless - It was our first time hiring outside the US, and we didn’t have to worry about anything.
CEO Handly
Eric Damon
CEO Handly
Our experience with Free The Freela is great, they provided us with top experts in just a few hours and we were set to go (contracts and all) in less than a week. Also, it costs much less than what we were used to paying when hiring in the UK.
CMO Pitchu
Kathy Jones
CMO Pitchu
Before Free The Freela payroll had a huge impact on our business growth. They presented us with a solution to hire highly qualified engineers that fits our budget criteria. Highly recommend partnering with them to get cost-effective deals.
CPO Bendr
Mike Wiley
CPO Bendr
Trusted by leading enterprises and startups
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Our AI-powered matching algorithm considers hard and soft skills, language proficiency, industry knowledge, time zones, and preferences

Your Safety is our Priority

We understand that the security of your data is of paramount importance. We are committed to ensuring the protection and confidentiality of all information you share with us.

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Work with the most talented people in Latin America without breaking the bank. Highly qualified professionals at affordable rates, starting at U$ 13/hour.

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Latin America

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Work with highly motivated Latin American talents within your time zone. Same work ethic, same cultural understanding.

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Only pay if you decide to hire. If Talent doesn’t deliver, we’ll refund you & replace them in under 24 hours.

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We got you covered. Experience a hassle free experience, while we handle contracts, payroll, benefits and local compliance.

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