About us

Win-win work relationships with top vetted talents from Latin America and fast-growing startups

Free The Freela helps fast-growing startups and SMBs surpass the talent shortage and save up to 70% on service and hiring costs, while it is committed to the development and professional growth of talents in Latin America.

Why Free the Freela?

Fast-growing startups

Fast Growing Startups

Free The Freela is a fast-growing startup itself and knows how payroll can have a significant impact on business growth and sustainability. For that reason, specializes in curating and vetting talents all over the Latin American continent to find businesses a great match based on timezone similarities, skills requirements, and cost-effectiveness.

Our talent network involves high-quality developers, engineers, designers, marketers and content creators from more than 12 countries in Latin America, and with over 4 years of experience, ready to roll up their sleeves and get the work done.

Labor benefits

Job opportunities

Free The Freela is the first platform to provide independent Talents with labor benefits, without generating companies the costs of having them as employees. We used principles of the collaborative economy to create win-win relationships that are both flexible and fair.

Talents in our network are proved to be more engaged and motivated to help companies succeed. Hiring in Latin America with Free The Freela allows you to grow your business, while boosting talent success.