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Software Engineer
Jullie Utsch
Software Engineer
I was approached for a position that made a lot of sense to me, both technically and in terms of culture and purpose. The process was quick and within a few days I received an offer to work for a US. company. I'm really enjoying my experience!
Performance Marketing
Gabriel Gonçalves
Performance Marketing
With Free The Freela I was able to conquer the geographical freedom I wanted. I truly recommend it for independent marketers that want to work remotely, get paid in dollars, and still get steady work conditions. A true partner!
Frontend developer
Natasha Nodine
Frontend developer
It is an absolute pleasure to work with Free The Freela, they are not your typical job platform, they are dedicated and take everyone’s time seriously. They are fast at solving things and have a very smooth interviewing process.
UX & UI Designer
José Nunes
UX & UI Designer
Finding Free The Freela was amazing - I wanted to work for international companies but didn’t know how. They connected me to a great job opportunity, with dollar payment. I highly recommend the platform to get access to qualified clients.
UX & UI Designer
Celeste Zapata
Product Manager
If you want to find remote opportunities, Free The Freela is the right place. I’ve been working for a company from the UK, that has the kind of culture I was looking for, I get paid in dollars, and have access to benefits as an independent contractor.
Fullstack developer
Gonzalo Reyes
Fullstack developer
I joined the platform, and in a few hours got approached about an opportunity that fits my profile. Now I’m working for a great startup, and the whole process was fast and easy: I validated my skills, did a quick interview and received a proposal.
Designer UX/UI
Juan Pablo
Designer UX/UI
What has surprised me is the ease with which I have been able to find jobs that fit my skills and areas of expertise. But what I like the most is the opportunity to get paid in dollars, which is a great advantage for my financial situation. Great service!

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