Market Research

  • May 20, 2024
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Freelance
  • Remote
  • 1 to 2 USD
Market Research
Product Research
English intermediate

Overview: Our fintech company, specializing in corporate cards with operations in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia, is seeking a market research agency to conduct a comprehensive market study. The study aims to understand the market for two specific corporate card products: one focused on corporate travel and the other on fuel consumption. Responsibilities: Conduct Market Research Interviews: Perform 100 interviews per country (Colombia, Mexico, Brazil), totaling 300 interviews. Alternatively, provide quotes for 50 and 30 interviews per country. Identify and interview decision-makers in the Purchasing, Human Resources, and Treasury departments of medium to large enterprises. Identify Key Cities: Determine the three most representative cities in each country, including the capital and two other major cities. Assess Product Features: Measure which features of the corporate travel and fuel cards are most attractive to the target market. Validate predefined features and gather open-ended feedback on additional desired features. Willingness to Pay Analysis: Evaluate the willingness of the target companies to pay for the identified benefits of the corporate travel and fuel cards. Requirements: Experience in Market Research: Proven track record of conducting market research studies in multiple countries, preferably in Latin America. Experience with B2B market research, specifically targeting medium to large enterprises. Methodology Expertise: Proficiency in conducting qualitative interviews. Ability to suggest and implement robust methodologies for gathering and analyzing market data. Deliverables: Comprehensive report detailing findings from the interviews. Insights into the most attractive product features and the willingness to pay. Recommendations based on the research findings. Preferred Qualifications: Single or Multiple Agency Capability: Ability to cover all three countries with a single agency is preferred, but we are open to considering separate agencies for each market. Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with the corporate travel and fleet management sectors. Understanding of the fintech landscape in Latin America.

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