Data-Driven Design Consultant

  • June 10, 2024
  • Engineering
  • Full time
  • Remote
  • 1815 to 2775 USD
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
English advanced

Join our innovative team as a Data-Driven Design Consultant and become a pivotal force in transforming data into actionable insights. This role marries advanced technical skills with creative problem-solving, empowering our clients to make informed decisions through robust data visualization and compelling presentations. As a Data-Driven Design Consultant, you will leverage your proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 3D CAD, and Power BI to execute multifaceted projects. From creating detailed 3D models that visualize data to crafting elaborate presentations and reports, you will be a cornerstone of our consultancy services. Key Responsibilities: 1. **3D CAD Modeling**: Use your expertise in 3D CAD software to develop intricate models and prototypes that provide clear, visual representations of data and design projects. Your models will help clients visualize their data in new and profound ways. 2. **Data Analysis and Visualization**: Manipulate and analyze data in Microsoft Excel to discover trends, forecast outcomes, and present findings. Your work will lay the groundwork for critical business decisions. 3. **Reporting**: Produce comprehensive reports in Microsoft Word that effectively communicate complex data insights. Your reports will serve as essential tools for our clients to understand their data and make strategic moves. 4. **Presentations**: Design powerful and visually appealing presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. You will compile and present data, 3D models, and analytical findings to stakeholders in a clear, engaging manner. 5. **Power BI Dashboards**: Create interactive dashboards with Power BI to provide real-time data insights. Your dashboards will be crucial for monitoring key performance indicators and enabling agile decision-making processes. Requirements: - Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, or a related field. - Proven experience with Microsoft Office suite, including advanced skills in Excel and PowerPoint. - Proficiency in 3D CAD software and experience creating detailed models and visual representations. - Strong ability to analyze data and create compelling visualizations, preferably with Power BI. - Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to translate technical data into clear, understandable content for stakeholders. - Strong organizational skills and an ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. - A creative, problem-solving mindset and a keen eye for detail. Why Join Us? - **Innovative Environment**: Be part of a forward-thinking company that values innovation and creativity. Your input will directly influence our projects' success and our clients' satisfaction. - **Professional Growth**: We offer opportunities for continuous learning and development, allowing you to expand your skill set and advance in your career. - **Collaborative Culture**: Work alongside a team of passionate and skilled professionals who are committed to excellence and helping each other succeed. - **Impactful Work**: Make a real difference by providing clients with insights that drive critical business decisions and shape their future strategies. If you're a tech-savvy individual with a knack for data visualization and 3D modeling, looking to make an impact in a dynamic and collaborative environment, we want to hear from you. Apply now to become a key player in our consultancy and help us turn data into powerful, actionable insights.

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