Growth Marketer - SaaS (Software as a Service) Specialist

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Full time
  • January 11, 2024
Growth Hacking
Growth Marketing
SaaS Sales
B2B Marketing
English advanced

Job Overview: We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Growth Marketer with a deep understanding of SaaS and a proven track record in driving product growth from 0 to 1. The ideal candidate will combine strategic thinking with hands-on operational skills to take our product to market, achieve product-market fit, and drive sustained growth. This role demands expertise in customer acquisition, conversion optimization, and customer retention, with a strong inclination towards sales. The candidate should be well-versed in the intricacies of the US market and possess excellent communication skills in English. Responsibilities: Strategy Development: Develop and execute comprehensive growth strategies to drive user acquisition and retention. Work closely with the leadership team to align growth initiatives with overall business objectives. Product-Market Fit: Utilize market research and customer feedback to refine the product offering. Implement strategies to achieve and enhance product-market fit. Customer Acquisition: Create and execute data-driven customer acquisition campaigns across various channels. Optimize and scale paid advertising, content marketing, SEO, and other acquisition channels. Conversion Optimization: Conduct thorough analyses of the user journey to identify conversion bottlenecks. Implement A/B testing and optimization strategies to improve conversion rates. Customer Retention: Develop and implement strategies to improve customer retention and reduce churn. Establish and nurture customer loyalty programs. Sales Aptitude: Collaborate with the sales team to align marketing efforts with sales objectives. Provide insights and support to enhance the overall sales process. Operational Excellence: Lead the execution of growth initiatives with a hands-on approach. Monitor and analyze key performance indicators, making data-driven decisions to drive growth. Market Expertise: Leverage previous experience in working with the US market to tailor strategies and campaigns effectively. Stay updated on industry trends and competitive landscapes. Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Sales, or related field. Proven experience in growth marketing, specifically within the SaaS industry. Demonstrated success in taking a product from 0 to 1 and achieving product-market fit. Strong understanding of customer acquisition, conversion optimization, and customer retention. Sales aptitude with a track record of collaborating effectively with sales teams. Fluent in English with exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Startup background preferred.

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