Terms of Service

This document is essential for us to establish a transparent and secure relationship, being the Service Agreement (“Agreement”) that governs your use and relationship with Free The Freela SAS  (also referred to as “Free The Freela”, “We” and the “Platform”), its software, platform, technology and/or services, as well as contain the fundamental terms and conditions by means of which Free The Freela renders its services. 

By using Free The Freela, you automatically agree to these Terms of Service (also referred to as “Terms and Conditions” and “T&C”), and automatically enter into a Services Agreement with Free The Freela, which shall be binding to you as per the terms below, being fully responsible for any and all acts performed during the use of the Platform or related services.

If you do not agree with any condition set forth you must not use the Platform or Free The Freela services.

We don't want to hide behind technicalities. So, if you don't understand any of the information in this document, please contact our support team at hey@freethefreela.com.

Last update: 02/02/2023